Are You Born with Body Odor?

When we think of what causes body odor, typically things like not bathing or dirty come to mind.  Perhaps diet, weight and lifestyle habits might be taken into consideration as well. Whatever the reason, one thing that we almost never associate with body odor is that you just might be born with it.

According to recent studies, scientist claim to have found what they are calling the body odor gene, or aptly named ABCC11.  This is a gene that certain people have which seems to have an effect on our apocrine sweat glands.  If you’re unfamiliar, apocrine sweat glands are located primarily under the arms and produce a think, protein filled sweat which is different from more salinated cooling sweat.  Apocrine sweat affects body odor in two ways.  First, it contains acids and other organic compounds that smell.  Second, bacteria feed on the proteins it contains and release odor compounds as waste.  People who have the ABCC11 gene show a marked decreased production in both apocrine sweat material as well as sweat itself.  This essentially means that they are far less prone to body odor than those who don’t have the gene.

According to their research, they estimate that only 2% of the population have ABCC11.  One of the main ways it can be identified is by ear wax consistency… yes, you read that right.  They noted that people who posses ABCC11 also have dry ear wax.  In contrast those who do not tend to have wetter ear wax.  This is not by coincidence either. The gene is shown to control both ear wax and apocrine sweat gland activity so there is verifiable data which establishes the relationship.

None of this is to say that people with the body odor gene do not smell.  They are prone to other sources of body odor such as from food, illness, etc.. but when it comes to sweat odor, they are one of the lucky few who really don’t need to concern themselves at all with this issue.

Choosing The Right Chlorophyll Deodorant Supplement

Not all things are created equally in this world, and that idea holds true for chlorophyll supplements as well.  Many people turn to these green pills as an alternative to deodorants, but they might find less than desirable results.  The reason is not that chlorophyll doesn’t work; in fact it is a highly effective means of getting rid of body odor.  Rather, it might be due to the quality of ingredients used, the quantity or both.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants, but there are many different types of plants.  Therefore one can reasonably say that not all chlorophyll is the same.  To take that a step further, many products use a chlorophyll derivative called chlorophyllin.  Chlorophyllin is created when a magnesium atom in chlorophyll is replaced with a copper one.  Structurally they are still the same, but this one alteration allows chlorophyllin to be dissolved in water.  This is important when combating body odor internally.  Water soluble chlorophyllin can bind ot odor compounds much more easily and thus is more effective at reducing odor.

Therefore, the best chlorophyll supplements use chlorophyllin as the active ingredient.  This is important to know  because many products use chlorophyll from alfalfa, tea leaves and parsley.  Make sure to find the brands that utilize chlorophyllin as the main ingredient.

In addition to this, pay close attention to the amount of milligrams of chlorophyllin per tablet.  Some products provide 100 or 200 tablets, but each tablet contains only 16-20mg.  You’ll want to find products that use 100mg chlorophyllin tablets in at least a count of 60 if not more.  To maximize both effectiveness and cost, calculate price in relation to the total amount of chlorophyllin per bottle.

You can find out more about what makes a good chlorophyll deodorant supplement at


Dealing with Body Odor

Body odor can be a real pain to deal with, especially on a daily basis.  Finding ways to cope with the stinky smell can be annoying and a seemingly never ending battle.  It’s a natural part of the human body, and while it can be caused by poor hygiene, other things play a role in causing it as well.  If you’re into natural remedies, it can be an even greater task to try and cope with it as there aren’t a ton of reliable options out there.

Body odor is essentially caused by bacteria and their interactions with the sweat that we produce, but not just any sweat.  We produce two types; apocrine and eccrine.  Apocrine sweat glands are located at the arm pits, perianal region, eyelids and in the ear.  It tends to be thicker and contains proteins and other compounds.  Bacteria feed off of this and the resulting by product are acids and other things that have a foul odor to them.

Understanding the cause can help to find natural methods for controlling body odor.  Knowing that sweat and bacteria are the principle catalysts, controlling or prevent either or both will help to control the odor compounds they produce.

Baby powder, corn starch and baking soda are great natural, everyday things that work by absorbing sweat.  These ingredients are often used by those who prefer to make their own deodorants.  It’s a wonderful drying agent and does not have the health concerns that aluminum salts carry.

In terms of a good, natural antimicrobial agent, there are several different things that work effectively.  A simple lemon and water solution or coconut oil both have the ability to kill bacteria.

Whatever you try, just remember  that everyone’s bodies are different.  How one may react to something could be different with another person.  Again, the key is understanding what causes body odor and finding natural solutions that address those specific problems.  In turn, body odor should be a thing of the past!

Body Mint Eliminates Halitosis

Anyone familiar with Body Mint knows that is works to get rid of body odor.  Did you also know it works as an effective bad breath treatment?  The little, green, natural deodorant pill works to target multiple odor sources in the body including the one from your mouth.  Amazing as it sounds, the reason it can do this is based on science.  Much of the smells we produce originate from inside of us.  Various chemicals produced as well as those that come from the food we eat all contribute to our scent.

Body Mint works by absorbing to these odor compounds and neutralizing them insdie the body.  Because this happens internally at the source, malodor is unable to be absorbed into the body and thus unable to be emitted through our skin and mouth.

Best thing of all is that Body Mint is all natural.  It doesn’t contain parabens or aluminum compounds, and is only comprised of ingredients from nature.  That isn’t to say it isn’t as effective.  In fact this product is sold around the world to thousands of satisifed customers.  So if you’re looking for something to replace those gums and mints, consider this cool green little odor eater.